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Rustic Tote

Rustic Tote

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This handsome bag is perfect for grab-and-go errands. Without feeling bulky or unwieldy measuring in at 13”x13”x4” it’s perfect for tossing a journal, some pens and a tablet or laptop to head to the nearest coffee shop. 

Tucked inside is a easy to access pocket sleeve perfect for your wallet, keys, and/or papers and receipts. 

The exposed raw grain side of the leather inside this bag offers the quintessential rugged and rustic appearance. Made from quality pull-up leather, this bag will be enhanced with age and use as new patterns and creases appear in the leather with use. No need to keep updating bags for the new season. This bag will last a very long time and age with grace. Every bag is hand stitched and cut so you know it has been made with care and time.

Copper rivets round out the look by adding a touch of shine, contributing to the rustic aesthetic. 

A perfect gift for your busy mate, or yourself.

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