Meet the Maker

Horn & Feather Goods is located in the hill-towns of Western Massachusetts. What started as a simple hobby, grew into an obsession, and is now a small business sharing my love of handcrafted goods with you. 

The aesthetic of H&F Goods is simple, minimal, quality, handcrafted. Everything is selected from reputable, fair and honest sources. When—and as much as possible, raw materials are sourced from within the United States, or from Fair Trade companies worldwide.

I believe in the products I make, I believe in taking time to make quality long lasting products that will stay with my clients for many years.

I have taken the time to source my materials from companies I trust that are doing their best to be stewards of environmental responsibility, and global fair trade practices that offer honest, living wages, free from child labor, forced labor, or unfair exploitation of humans and animals. The love that other artisans and craftsman imbue into the raw materials I use, join with the love I imbue into each piece I create.

I believe in up-cycling when possible. Keep an eye on my up-cycle collection that features products made from recycled/reused/scrap materials such as boots, bags, pants, and more.

My name is Justin, I've been tinkering around with things since I was a little boy. I took up my first hobby putting together model metal cars and that grew into building custom computer rigs, to ceramic arts, wire-wrapped jewelry design and handmade soaps and candles. Now well into adulthood my need for tinkering around has grown into a small operation that I am proud of and happy to spend my time doing.